Power Poses in Leadership Lab

Apr 22 • Ilona Nurmela • Comments: 45
Recently (on 5.4.2017), at an Äripäev Leadership Lab I taught managers how to quickly raise their energy levels. In the workshop we did 2 practical exercises: 1. Amy Cuddy's victory and/or Wonder Womani power pose; and 2. Jane McGonigal's Superbetter game. The article written by ÄP about the lab (in Estonian) is here: http://www.aripaev.ee/uudised/2017/04/10/ilona-nurmela-voimupoosid-on-minu-standardvarustuses
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Introductory half-price “MASTERING CHANGE” coaching session offer

Jan 21 • Ilona Nurmela • Comments: 41


- Get the best out of your team?

- Become even more efficient yourself?

- Become an even better manager or leader and get more money for it?

- Find motivation to do things you keep postponing?

- Get along better with people at your workplace?

- Find your dream job?

- Find your true calling, the legacy you want to leave behind?

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Interview with Columbia’s Jenik Radon, Lawyer, Negotiator, Professor and Scholar on conflict resolution

Oct 01 • Ilona Nurmela • Comments: 8
"Although I am a trained lawyer, I focus on people, their concerns, and their emotions. /.../ What is needed is respect and understanding.  The third aspect is to discover and learn what people, even diverse or conflicting groups, have in common, namely finding common ground on which to build." See article here: http://ac4.ei.columbia.edu/2014/09/30/interview-with-columbias-jenik-radon-lawyer-negotiator-professor-and-scholar/ Read more »

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Estonia – Taking Baby Steps, Not Yet a Steady Toddler

Jun 24 • Mediator • Comments: 8
Solving business disputes by way of ADR methods, especially arbitration but increasingly also mediation, has proven to be effective in several countries worldwide. Read more »

Mediation demo session

Apr 23 • Ilona Nurmela • Comments: 0
Mediation demo session in Tallinn on May 22nd 2014
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