On Inspiration - Who Have YOU Inspired Lately?

Dec 01 • Ilona Nurmela • Comments: 0
Recent elevator-pitches of what I do at various events have led me to think quick on my feet to explain HOW does inspiring people to change - the common denominator behind my mediation, negotiation trainings and coaching practice - work, exactly.

Well, first, how do YOU get inspired?

I, personally, am hungry for new ideas. How do I get them? I talk to people, read and watch something and suddenly, a light bulb goes off. I notice a new pattern or connect seemingly unrelated things. And sometimes, just sometimes, I steal great ideas, especially when they are explained simply and brilliantly. (I usually credit the source, though.) And then I go and do something with those great new ideas. Or worse, I share these great ideas and infect my friends with them. :)

If long walks in nature clear your head and inspire you more, do that. If TED talks or debates get your creative juices going, go for it. If dream maps or writing down 300 wishes or building stuff with your hands inspires you into action - go, go go.

So, rule nr 1 - find out what makes YOU tick. Then go lead by example. Examples inspire more than you know. Because it all really does start with YOU.

In reverse - has anyone ever told you HOW and WHAT you inspired THEM to do?

Friends and acquaintances have told me across the years that conversations we’ve had have either calmed their mind and helped see things more clearly, so they didn’t quit their job the next day but dig into exploring plans A, B, C, D and E instead. Silly questions I have asked have inspired people to found their own businesses. Supportive comments made about someone’s ability to communicate or write have inspired people to try their hand in writing careers. By tweaking efficiency habits I have inspired super efficient people to create even more time and be even more amazing.

Conversations. The right kind of questions. Lighting that spark in someone’s eyes when they discover what’s really important to them.

Rule nr 2 - if you want to change someone’s mind or simply offer them support - concentrate on THEM, what THEY want, what THEY like, what THEY need. The key is to be yourself as well as take a genuine interest in whoever you are talking to. I guess that could be rule nr 3. :)

What if you’re “not cut out for this” as a friend of mine says. Well, have you ever tried to inspire someone to be the best version of themselves? Really listened to them? Really supported whatever they wanted to do without judging them from the standpoint of whether what they want to do would be something you would choose to do or even think possible? People are different - someone’s mission impossible is another’s regular workday.

Maybe you’ve already started doing something different and maybe you’ve already inspired others to follow your lead and just don’t know it? Think about the signs - have you noticed someone embrace an idea you discussed? Does someone you know now have a more positive outlook on life because they spoke to you? Did you give someone courage to implement their idea or dream? It could be as simple as kids saying “thank you” before they leave the dinner table or as complicated as keeping someone from crying after they’ve just told you their best friend is dying.

So, who have you inspired lately? Think. I’m sure you can find at least one person who is happier for having you in their life.

That’s the thing about change and inspiration…it doesn’t need to be monumental, revolutionary, earth-shattering. It can be subtle. When you and I, when each of us takes even a small conscious step to do something, to treat people, to view things…differently. The WHAT and the WHY are up to us. Start by doing one tiny little thing differently and see the change in you “infect” people around you.

Where do you want to start? :)

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